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Conversational Marketing Summit: Finding the Signal


See this blog post for 2011 conference highlights take a look at Case Study presentations via our Slideshare channel. 

We hope to see you next June in New York City!

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Monday, June 6th

Time Session

1:00 PM REGISTRATION & WELCOME - Sponsored by Yahoo!

2:00 PM Opening Remarks

Speaker — John Battelle (Federated Media Publishing)

Speaker — Deanna Brown (Federated Media Publishing)

2:05 PM A Conversation with Laura Desmond, CEO, Starcom MediaVest

2:30 PM Special Announcement

Speaker — Robert Ciccone (American Express OPEN)

2:35 PM Announcement: Social Media Integration into Planning Tools

Speaker — Rex Briggs (Marketing Evolution)

2:40 PM Tumblr: Now With Marketing!

Speaker — David Karp (Tumblr)

2:50 PM The Future of Branded Apps

Speaker — Ilja Laurs (GetJar)

3:00 PM AT&T Case Study: Shout it from the Mountaintop

Speaker — Will Townsend (BBDO Worldwide)

3:10 PM How Privacy Drives Marketing: OBA Compliance to Build Your Brand

Speaker — Scott Meyer (Evidon)

3:20 PM Sponsor Spotlight

3:30 PM REFRESHMENT BREAK - Sponsored by American Express OPEN

4:00 PM A Conversation with Adam Bain, President of Global Revenue, Twitter

4:25 PM Your Brand is a Network

Speaker — Brian Wallace (Samsung)

4:35 PM Location-Aware Marketing: Getting it Right

Speaker — Matt Galligan (SimpleGeo)

4:45 PM Real Time Marketing at PepsiCo

Speaker — Shiv Singh (PepsiCo)

4:55 PM Content is (Still) King!

Speaker — Donna Richardsen (Colgate-Palmolive Company)

5:05 PM Building Communities Without Borders

Speaker — Liz Boone (General Motors)

5:20 PM A Conversation with Demand Media

Speaker — Rachael Ray (eHow Foods)

Speaker — Richard Rosenblatt (Demand Media)

5:45 PM Closing Remarks

Speaker — John Battelle (Federated Media Publishing)

6:00 PM COCKTAIL RECEPTION - Sponsored by Facebook. Photo Booth by Pixazza

Tuesday, June 7th

Time Session


9:00 AM Opening Remarks

Speaker — Deanna Brown (Federated Media Publishing)

9:05 AM A Conversation with Mich Mathews, SVP Central Marketing, Microsoft

9:35 AM A Radical Shift - How to Make Marketing, Marketers and Agencies Vastly More Valuable

Speaker — Casey Jones (BriefLogic)

9:50 AM Q&A with Bill Nguyen, Founder & CEO, Color

10:05 AM Research: Can Brands Manage the Conversation Layer at Scale?

Speaker — Matt Goddard (R2integrated)

10:15 AM A Conversation with Blake Irving, Chief Product Officer, Yahoo!

10:40 AM Q&A with Tiffany Shlain, Filmmaker behind Connected, Founder of the Webby Awards

11:00 AM REFRESHMENT BREAK- Sponsored by BriefLogic

11:30 AM A Conversation with Neal Mohan, VP Product, Google

11:55 AM Shifts in Brand Marketing: From Campaign to Conversation

Speaker — Susan Jurevics (Sony Corporation of America)

12:05 PM Y'ALL RDY 4 THIS?

Speaker — Greg Coleman (Criteo)

12:15 PM The Art of Good Conversation: Translating Face to Face to the Browser

Speaker — Deanna Brown (Federated Media Publishing)

Speaker — Pete Spande (Federated Media Publishing)

12:30 PM A Conversation with, Producer, Black Eyed Peas

1:00 PM NETWORKING LUNCH - Sponsored by Google

2:30 PM A Conversation with Antonio Lucio, Chief Marketing Officer, Visa

2:55 PM Local Matters: Empower Your Local Connections & Relationships

Speaker — Kevin Barenblat (Context Optional)

3:05 PM The Age of AI & the Quantification of Advertising

Speaker — Konrad Feldman (Quantcast)

3:15 PM A Look into the Future of Personal Data & Marketing

Speaker — Jeremie Miller (Singly)

3:30 PM A Conversation with Carolyn Everson, VP of Global Sales, Facebook

3:55 PM Closing Remarks

Speaker — John Battelle (Federated Media Publishing)