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Best-in-class advertising products–at scale. We make reaching millions of consumers easy and effective. The Conversationalist and our Custom Content series allow you to amplify your message in ways that are natural and welcomed. Spark a conversation–and watch it turn into sales. 


Media & Ad Solutions


Standard IAB Ads plus

Standard IAB Ads

Standard banners are an easy and cost-effective way to get your brand’s message out to the right audience.

STAMP & Other High-Impact Ads plus

STAMP & Other High-Impact Ads

STAMP makes your brand’s mark with a one-day, fully immersive experience that changes the look and feel of the site.

Three oversize units work in concert and are available in the following sizes: 

  • Super Leaderboard: 970 x 120 
  • Content Marquee: 500 x 250 
  • Tower: 300 x 600

Get 100% share of voice and access to millions of loyal readers. Other opportunities include roadblocks, site skins, pre-roll and custom-branded video opportunities.

Engagement Ads plus

Engagement Ads

Engagement Ads offer consumers the opportunity to vote on a poll, write comments within the ad, watch a video and pass it along to friends, or other ways to get involved with your brand.

The Conversationalist plus

The Conversationalist


The Conversationalist multiplies the power of your brand by satisfying your consumer’s curiosity. Related links and images from other posts lead readers into other Federated sites—and more brand exposure.  


Social Frame plus

Social Frame

The viral power of the independent web, realized. A brandable header allows enthusiastic readers to share posts with friends and family, and increases “likes” via Facebook and Twitter.

Conversation Targeting plus

Conversation Targeting

Context matters, so when the conversation is happening, make sure your brand is front and center. Through proprietary technology, we identify and target the topics and conversations that are contextually-relevant to your brand.

Content Marketing


People are already talking about your brand. From sponsorship opportunities to custom site content, this is your chance to join the conversation in a natural, non-disruptive way. Join the dialogue with these authentic and transparent options:


Custom Content Series plus

Custom Content Series

Sponsor independent publishers to write about your brand in an honest way that appeals to readers and sparks conversation.  Alternately, you can aggregate multiple publishers to write about a topic related to your brand, say, “Green Living.” Branding is clear, powerful and transparent. 

Sponsored Blog Posts plus

Sponsored Blog Posts

Blog readership is increasing every day.  Sponsor a day’s blog and amplify your brand’s message to millions of loyal fans. Clear sponsorship ensures your involvement remains transparent and authentic.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Sponsored Properties plus

Sponsored Properties

Blog fans return to their favorite publishers every day. Introduce new products and services in a single space where readers are most receptive.

Sponsored Communities plus

Sponsored Communities

The independent web is all about fostering communities. You can reach these larger communities through sites that aggregate content by several publishers around a specific topic.