Signal P&G: Integrating Brands in a Digital Age Signal P&G: Integrating Brands in a Digital Age


This is a private event. Attendance is by invite only.


For today's marketers it's vital to understand the craft of brand building in a digital world requires new approaches, new processes, new partnerships, and most importantly, an integrated framework driven by data-driven consumer insight. At Signal P&G, we bring together experts from across the digital spectrum, from major platforms like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to innovative startups in advertising technology, mobile services, and cross-media data providers.  

Thursday, March 8th

Time Session

7:30 AM Registration

8:30 AM Opening Remarks

Speaker — John Battelle (Federated Media Publishing)

Speaker — Marc Pritchard (Procter & Gamble)

8:35 AM A Conversation with Bob McDonald, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, Procter & Gamble

9:00 AM After the PC: CNET Presents the Next Big Thing

Speaker — Brian Cooley (CNET)

9:15 AM A Conversation with Blake Irving, Chief Product Officer, Yahoo!

9:35 AM A Conversation with Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter

10:00 AM BREAK to visit Partner Gallery

10:30 AM Conversations, Not Slogans: Customer Engagement through Content Marketing

Speaker — Alexis Rask (Federated Media Publishing)

10:40 AM Digitally Virile Marketing

Speaker — Brett McKay (The Art of Manliness)

10:50 AM Death & the Corporate Pivot

Speaker — Michael Lazerow (Buddy Media)

11:00 AM A Conversation with David Fischer, VP of Business & Marketing Partnerships, Facebook

11:25 AM Using Data to Manage in a Chaotic World

Speaker — DJ Patil (Greylock Partners)

11:35 AM Flipboard: Rethinking the Web

Speaker — Mike McCue (Flipboard)

11:50 AM Big Data vs. Quick Wins

Speaker — Nick Nyhan (Kantar)

12:00 PM High Order Bit

Speaker — Robert Stephens (Best Buy)

12:10 PM A Conversation with Tim Armstrong, CEO, AOL


1:30 PM A Conversation with Alison Lewis, SVP North America, The Coca-Cola Company

1:55 PM Amazon & CPG: Insurmountable Opportunity

Speaker — Lisa Utzschneider (Amazon)

2:05 PM American Express OPEN Forum: Redefining Premium Value in a Digital Age

Speaker — Scott Roen (American Express)

2:20 PM WordPress: Publishing at a Massive Scale

Speaker — Toni Schneider (Automattic)

2:30 PM Nokia Life Tools: Connecting & Engaging the Next Billion

Speaker — Dieter May (Nokia Corporation)

2:50 PM "Locationizing" Brands in a Digital Age

Speaker — Dave Courtney (JiWire)

3:00 PM BREAK to visit Partner Gallery

3:30 PM Leading the Connected TV Revolution

Speaker — W. Ross Honey (MIcrosoft Corporation)

3:45 PM The Future of Commerce: What Comes After Walmart?

Speaker — Sucharita Mulpuru (Forrester Research)

3:55 PM Attention Economy

Speaker — Jonah Goodhart (Moat)

4:05 PM Building the Entrepreneurial Community: #StartupCincy

Speaker — Dave Knox (The Brandery)

4:15 PM Advertising, Re-Imagined

Speaker — Lisa Gevelber (Google)

4:25 PM A Conversation with Marc Pritchard, Global Marketing & Brand Building Officer, Procter & Gamble

4:55 PM Closing Remarks