Back to Press Releases Jan. 18, 2012


Protect the Independent Web & Stop SOPA.


Major players on the Web are taking action today to voice their concern over SOPA and PIPA, bills that might seriously impact the way business is done between publishers and advertisers on the Web.

These bills have raised worries for smaller, independent sites, such as those that make up Federated Media Publishing’s vast network of independent authors.  Whichever way the legislation goes, we are happy to see that Web-based companies are, in an unprecedented way, marshalling a strong collective influence in Washington D.C.

We want our partners and our audience to know that we take a strong position against copyright infringement and piracy here at FMP.  Our network of select authors and publishers are valued for their original material, and our advertisers rightly pride themselves on associating their brands only with the highest quality content.  Our editorial and technological developments – such as our patent-pending semantic technologies – will be utilized in the future to guard against any possible copyright violations that might appear as more sites seek to join our ever-popular and growing network.

We are proud to have channeled more than $100 million of revenue to independent authors who engage tens of millions of readers every month.  As an enabling partner to these smaller publishers, we are concerned about any legislation that might besiege them with legal challenges that they would not realistically be able to contest or interfere with our ability to provide them with financial remuneration.

We can only trust that as a result of concerns raised here (and on sites like WordPress, Wikipedia, Google, Tumblr and many others), our legislators will see their way to a position that is eminently fair to the many small publishers that have made the Independent Web one of the most powerful sources for knowledge discovery in the 21stcentury.


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